Your aging mom’s care comes first. No one would argue with that. People want to keep their older parents safe, secure, and comforted. While you’re offering this high level of care, it’s easy to push your own needs aside. That’s not a smart move.

Caregiver Sandy Springs GA - How Do You Balance Your Life With Your Mom's Care Needs?

Caregiver Sandy Springs GA – How Do You Balance Your Life With Your Mom’s Care Needs?

Caregiver burnout is real and it affects a huge percentage of family caregivers. In fact, the Family Caregiver Alliance surveyed family caregivers and found most find participation in enjoyable activities declines by more than 27 percent. In the 2015 AARP report “Caregiving in the U.S.,” 28 percent of caregivers feel caregiving has negatively impacted their health.

You Must Live Your Life

While you care for your mom, there are moments you must live your life. If your spouse wants to get away for a long weekend, do it. Don’t bring your mom. Go away for a few days. Get siblings to help out. If that’s not possible, hire a caregiver to provide home care while you’re away.

Take a night off. Talk to a home care agency about respite care once a week. Go out with your friends. Grab dinner and go to the movies. If you don’t want to go out, have drinks in your home. You could also curl up at home. Take a bath and pamper yourself.

Divide Care Tasks

If you’re doing it all, divide tasks between close friends and family members. Once a week, your brother could do the shopping to give you extra time during the rest of the week. You could have a cousin give your mom a manicure while you change and launder sheets.

Create a schedule on an online site like Google Calendar. Everyone can sign up for a time slot. You’ll have more time to go to your own appointments or get things done at your home. If there are gaps left over, talk to a home care agency to make sure your mom always has someone with her.

Enlist the Grandkids

You might not think there are things the younger grandkids can do to help. There’s always something they can do. They might play a game with your mom while you clean the kitchen. They can help your mom pick vegetables or plant seeds in the garden. Their smaller stature might help your mom avoid bending over and straining her back when weeding.

Don’t let caregiver burnout happen to you. Arrange part-time home care to ensure you get breaks from time to time. You can be the main caregiver without having to sacrifice your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Call a home care agency to learn more about respite care services.


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