There’s so much that needs to be done as a caregiver. There may even be times when you know that you’re giving every bit of what you have in terms of time and energy and it’s still not enough. What now?

Do an Honest Assessment of Where You Are Right Now

Elder Care Sandy Springs GA - Five Tips When You’re Giving Your All

Elder Care Sandy Springs GA – Five Tips When You’re Giving Your All

You need to get really honest with yourself and with others about where you are emotionally and mentally right now. When you’re already giving everything you have to being a caregiver, you are at your limits. Determine what you need, whether you’re close to burning out, and what might help you to get back on better footing.

Investigate What Assistance Is Available in Your Area

There are generally more community resources for aging adults than most people realize. It’s not that they’re hidden, necessarily, they’re just not always easy to find. Even if you’ve been a caregiver for a long time, it’s a good idea to see what sorts of agencies and resources you can find. There may be different options now than the last time you looked.

Start Asking Outright for Help

The people in your life aren’t mind readers, just like you aren’t. If you’re going to get reliable help from anyone, you need to be open and honest about asking them for the help you need. It’s not easy asking for help, but it’s a skill you need to develop as a caregiver. Hearing that people can’t help you frees you up to find other answers.

Bring in Elder Care Services

Elder care providers are an excellent source of help for both you and your senior family member. They can take care of tasks that have become difficult for her, but they can also lighten your workload as a caregiver, too. They’re reliable and experienced, which is exactly the help that you need right now.

Practice More Self-care

Self-care is often the first thing to fall by the wayside when you are overwhelmed. But it’s something that you need to keep doing in order to help you to manage the feelings of overwhelm. Take a few minutes and look at how well you’re taking care of yourself, which means looking at how often and what you’re eating, whether you’re sleeping, and whether you’re managing your own health issues. Make changes where you need to.

It’s admirable to give your all to caregiving, but you have to be able to keep going, too, and running at full speed constantly is not sustainable.

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