When you hear that your senior has fallen, even if it was “just a little fall,” your first reaction might be fear. There are some solid things you can do after you learn about a fall that can help to prevent another one.

Elderly Care Johns Creek GA - Five Things You Need to Do if Your Senior Falls

Elderly Care Johns Creek GA – Five Things You Need to Do if Your Senior Falls

Even a Small Fall Can Be a Big Deal 

Small falls can be just as painful and damaging for your senior as a larger fall can be, so it’s important not to try to make a fall seem like no big deal. If your senior is the one downplaying a fall, that’s definitely something you need to pay attention to. One fall makes your senior twice as likely to fall again, so it’s important to get as much information as you can.

Try to Determine What Caused the Fall 

It’s really important to try to figure out what happened with this fall so that you can either correct the situation or help your elderly family member to avoid the same trigger again. If there are tripping hazards involved, those need to be corrected as soon as possible. Other possible factors could include health issues, such as low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or dehydration. Delve into the details.

Alert Her Doctor to the Fall 

If your elderly family member hasn’t already let her doctor know that she’s experienced a fall, you’re going to need to do that. Her doctor needs to know because there could be injuries from the fall that she’s not aware of just yet. There also may be solutions that her doctor could suggest, like adding exercise to her day, that could make a big difference.

Work out a Plan to Increase Your Senior’s Activity Levels 

In general, increasing your elderly family member’s activity levels can be helpful. She may be losing muscle tone and mobility simply because she’s less active than she used to be. Make sure that you follow all guidelines from her doctor about keeping her moving in a way that is beneficial for her.

Consider Hiring Elderly Care Providers 

Sometimes it helps to just have another person around. Elderly care providers make excellent companions and they can keep you posted about what might be contributing to fall risks for your elderly family member. It’s important to take advantage of any possible solutions you can to help your elderly family member to avoid another fall.

One fall doesn’t mean that your senior is now going to fall every time she stands up. But it can mean that she’s at a greater risk of falling again, especially if she refuses to take some of the recommended actions.

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