We will do a free home care assessment to help you make informed decisions about the level of support that you need.

Choosing a home care agency starts with knowing what you need from your caregivers.

At Real McCoy Home Care, we know that making the decision to have a care provider come into your home can be difficult. Many clients start with questions like these:

  • Do we even need any help?
  • If so, what kind of help will I need?
  • What are the options for help/care?
  • How often will I need help and for how long during the day?
  • What kind of training do the caregivers have?
  • Are the care givers properly screened and insured?
  • What happens if my needs change over time?

Our Free In-Home Assessment will help you answer these questions and more. We will meet with you and your family and jointly determine the scope of care. Then you can make an informed decision about what would be best for your situation.

Call us at 404-536-1060 or fill out the form below today to schedule your free assessment.

During the meeting, we explain the services available, answer any questions you have, and help with important care decisions faced by a family with a loved one in need.

Issues addressed include:

  • Everyday living activities (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, and continence)
  • Health & Medications
  • Emergency Response
  • Transportation
  • Costs of Services
  • Housekeeping Issues
  • Information & Referrals

How does the assessment aid us in providing care?

We understand that carefully matching the right caregiver with our clients creates the right trusting relationship that is required to maximize the benefits of in-home care.

We use what we learn from the assessment to screen and assign the right caregiver with the skills, personality, and knowledge to best serve our clients’ and their families’ needs.

Call us at 404-536-1060 or fill out the form below today to schedule your free assessment.

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