Living with purpose is one way to make someone feel better. This is especially true when it comes to the elderly. There are many benefits to living with purpose and if you can help your elderly loved one to live with purpose, they can reap those benefits.

Home Care East Cobb GA - Living with Purpose: What That Means for the Elderly?

Home Care East Cobb GA – Living with Purpose: What That Means for the Elderly?

Extending One’s Life

One of the many benefits of living with purpose is extending one’s life. Research has shown that those who have more purpose in their life usually live longer lives than people who don’t feel they have a purpose in life.

Maintain Brain Health

Alzheimer’s research shows that there is a relationship between brain health and living with a purpose. In fact, the risk of getting Alzheimer’s will lower if someone lives with purpose. The research shows that a higher level of purpose in life reduces the damaging effects that Alzheimer’s disease has on the body. Living with purpose also decreases the chances of cognitive decline, as well.

Improving Sleep Quality

If you are taking care of an elderly loved one, you should also know that living with a purpose can help improve their sleep quality, too. Everyone knows the importance of great sleep. However, there are many senior citizens that don’t get that great of sleep. They may have health issues contributing to their lack of sleep. The good news is that if your elderly loved one can find a sense of purpose, they are likely to get better sleep quality.

Reduced Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack

Living with a purpose is one way to reduce the stress that someone has in their life. By reducing the stress one has in their life, they can also reduce the chances of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Better Health

Senior citizens that live with a purpose also seem to take better care of their health. They visit the doctor on a regular occasion, take their medications as prescribed, exercise, eat healthier, and ultimately make positive lifestyle changes.

Increase in Resilience

Resilience is something that everyone needs in their life. They need to be able to bounce back when something goes wrong in their life. The issue seems to be that senior citizens don’t always have great resilience. However, research does show that senior citizens who are living with a purpose often do have increased resilience.

These are some of the benefits to the elderly when they are living with purpose. If you think your loved one needs help finding or living with their purpose, you can always hire a home care provider to assist them in this process. The home care provider can be there with them to keep them on track with their goals and to help them find their purpose, too.


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