When holiday gatherings come to an end, your dad may feel his loneliness returning. He’s had family and friends around him. As a new year begins, people return to their homes and work schedules. Your family is considering chipping in and getting him a puppy this year. Is that a good idea?

Before you adopt a puppy for your dad, you need to think long and hard. A puppy isn’t an easy addition. A lot of time goes into training, exercising, and caring for a pet.

Here are the questions your family needs to discuss.
Home Care Services Duluth GA - Don't Adopt a Puppy for Your Dad Before Reading This

Home Care Services Duluth GA – Don’t Adopt a Puppy for Your Dad Before Reading This

Can He Afford It?

Vet care isn’t cheap. If you adopt an older dog, vet care may be covered. With a puppy, you’re looking at the spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm medications, and flea/tick medications. Can your dad afford the vet bills?

What Happens If Your Dad Can No Longer Care for a Dog?

If something happens to your dad, what happens to the dog? If your dad has a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair, is someone available to walk the dog every day? Will he be able to let the dog outside for potty breaks?

If the dog is going to be subjected to some level of neglect, is someone set to take over the dog’s care? Could you take the dog into your home? Would you want to have to care for a dog for the rest of its life? If he gets a puppy, you’re looking at 10, 15, or 20 years of having a dog to care for. An older dog in need of a safe home is often better for older adults.

Training Is Important

Someone is agreeable to taking your dad’s puppy in if it came to it. That’s great. Now, you need to talk about training. Every puppy needs to be housebroken and learn basic commands like sit, stay, lay, leave it, and off. Can your dad do this?

Consistency is important when training a puppy. The puppy will need around-the-clock supervision. It will need to be crated or confined to an area for naps. It’s going to need set meal times, regular walks, and potty breaks every hour or so for the first few months. Your dad needs to be willing and able to do this.

Have You Considered Home Care Services?

If you still feel your dad needs companionship, look into the benefits of home care services. Caregivers come to his home and provide companionship. He’ll have help with difficult chores like laundry or changing sheets. Home care service providers can drive him to appointments and cook his meals.

Home care services are scheduled to match his needs. The only services he gets are the ones he asks for. He could have a caregiver stopping each day or once a week. Learn more by making a call.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care Services in Duluth GA, please contact the caring staff. Email: info@realmccoyhc.com • Phone 404-536-1060. The Real McCoy Home Care is your locally owned and managed in-home, non-medical home care agency. Serving North Metro Atlanta.