Are Your Goals as a Caregiver Too Big?

Big goals can get you big results. But as a caregiver, your goals might be too big for the situation as it is right now. If that’s the case, stepping back and reassessing things can help you to adjust your perspective on the issue. That’s not a loss, either. This is just you doing your best for everyone involved, including yourself.

Home Care Suwanee GA - Are Your Goals as a Caregiver Too Big?
Home Care Suwanee GA – Are Your Goals as a Caregiver Too Big?

Sometimes You Want Situations that Aren’t Possible

There are sometimes goals that you want for yourself or for your elderly family member during your time as her caregiver that just aren’t going to happen. For instance, one of your goals might be to cook for her every single day and for every meal. But if you also work and have other responsibilities, too, that goal may not be as achievable as you think it is at first.

Take an Objective Look at What’s Going On

If cooking all meals yourself is your goal, take an objective look at how that will work. You have the same amount of time in each day as everyone else has, so you might need to rearrange some of the aspects of your schedule to accommodate this goal. If that’s something that’s possible to do, you might still be able to make this work.

Maybe You Need Different Tools

Sometimes your tools are the best solution you have at your disposal. You might start using a slow cooker or a pressure cooker to make meals, for instance. Or you might make larger casseroles on the weekend and freeze individual servings. Still another option is to hire home care providers to cook for your elderly family member. Your senior will still be eating home-cooked meals, but perhaps in a different way than you first envisioned.

Your Goals Aren’t Worth Your Health

But there may be times that your goals aren’t going to happen, no matter how many fancy tools you add to your toolkit. If your goals are stressing you out to the point that you’re not taking care of yourself or you’re slipping closer to burnout, then your goals are too big. Reducing your own expectations may be the best solution out of them all.

There’s nothing wrong with having some bigger goals as a caregiver. But you sometimes need to weigh those goals with what’s really happening and what’s really possible. There are some goals that might either have to wait a little while or get broken up into smaller goals that are more accessible.

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