If your elderly family member should fall, she’s far more likely to fall again in the future. She may also develop injuries that cause her problems long into the future. Paying attention to some details can help your aging adult to avoid a fall altogether.

Homecare Peachtree Corners GA - Five Pieces of Equipment to Help Your Senior Avoid a Fall

Homecare Peachtree Corners GA – Five Pieces of Equipment to Help Your Senior Avoid a Fall

Non-slip Mats or Floor Coverings

Flooring is not always as safe for your aging adult as you hope it might be. When wet, some types of flooring are particularly dangerous. Having non-slip mats or even adhesive strips in place can make all sorts of flooring a lot safer for your elderly family member.

Elevated Toilet Seats

You may not realize it, but when your elderly family member is most vulnerable, like when she’s using the toilet, might be the time she’s most likely to experience a fall. Elevated toilet seats help to leave her legs and her body a little more extended. What this does is reduces the risk of falling since she doesn’t have to travel as far up or down in order to do what she needs to do.

Hand Rails

Installing hand rails around the toilet makes that area far safer, too. So can installing hand rails in other areas of the house. The tub and shower stall, hallways, and anywhere that your elderly family member might need to reach out to grab hold of something are all excellent spots for hand rails. You can install them easily yourself with a kit, which makes this safety device far less complicated than most people believe it is.

Motion-sensing Lights

If your aging family member has to fumble with a light switch or worse, doesn’t turn a light on at all, that’s a big fall risk for her. Motion-sensing lamps and light bulbs help to ensure that as the sensor picks up motion, your senior has the lighting she needs to be able to see and to avoid obstacles. These can also help to save on power bills if your senior tends to forget that lights are on.

Mobility Aids

Your senior may not be excited about using canes or walkers, but they can help her to avoid a fall. Make sure that your senior is using her tools correctly. If she’s having difficulty, the mobility aid may need to be adjusted for her. Her doctor can do this and can show her exactly how to use the tool properly.

It’s not always easy to spot when and where your aging adult is likely to experience the greatest trouble with falling, especially if you’re new to caregiving. Homecare providers can help you to see the things you’re missing and put tools in place that help your aging family member to avoid the most common risks involved in a fall.

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